Ink Bomb drum recordings are done!

Last month we started recoding drums for the upcoming Ink Bomb record! I liked the results so much I decided to rename my studio after the record. For the drums we rented out this great rehearsal space which sounded great in it’s own right but placing the mics took some time (as always).

Placing the mics

After carefully choosing and placing the close mics I decided to put the overheads in a XY-configuration to keep the snare really centered and focused. The close mics on the toms, ride and hihat will provide some extra width when panned at the right place.

Room mic

I only had one channel left for the room mic so I had to be carefull there! I ended up on quite a strange spot: almost at the back of room near the left corner. When listening back I liked the result but I wished the room sounded a little bigger so I tested what would happen if I faced the capsule towards the wall! This gave some cool reverb/delay effect and made the mic pretty trashy. Perfect for a superfast energetic punk sound.

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