Getting a great bass sound for FREE!

I’ve been busy lately recording bass and mixing bass for the upcoming Ink Bomb record and I’m very happy with the results. One of the reasons for this is this plugin I recently discovered. The best thing: it’s free!


The BOD by TSE Audio is based on the famous Sansamp pedal/rig by Tech 21. I’ve borrowed the real Sansamp a lot in the past and there is a reason this thing is such a classic: rby recording a clean DI signal and a second signal through the pedal you have a instant rock sound. However, I never got around to buying a Sansamp myself.

Sans Sansamp

Some weeks before I started on the Ink Bomb recorded I was introduced to the latest version of the TSE Audio plugin and I have been using it ever since. One of my favourite tricks is to use it on two channels: one with the drive all the way down, and the other with the drive all the way up. The plugin without any drive really cleans up the DI signal coming from the interface. The second channel is really dirty and needs less low end. Blend to taste, route the channels to a group and compress with a nice buscompressor and you are good to go!

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