Working in an untreated room with Sonarworks

As I wrote in my last post, Fiction Studio has moved to a new location.
The last month I spend most of my days installing kitchen equipment, painting and moving boxes around so installing the studio wasn’t on top of my list. But since I was really eager to start working in the new studio I set up a simple system with just the computer, my interface and speakers.

After working for ten years in the same room, listening to my mixes in this new (quite empty) space was quite horrific. There was no definition, a really weird bass response and no stereo image. Since I had no time to install my basstraps and acoustic treatment I decided to buy Sonarworks 4, something I wanted to do anyway.

Even though I had read many good reviews and user testimonials about Sonarworks, I didn’t expect it to fix much in this horrible sounding room.

Part 1 of setting up Sonarworks is measuring the room. In the image above, you can see the results. This is not even that bad! There are some peaks and dips, but nothing major. After turning the room correction on, I couldn’t believe my ears: it sounded really, really good! The stereo image came back, the bass response was solid and the upper highs regained their definition.

So far, working with Sonarworks is a really good experience. I’ve created a lot of music, mostly beats, just by being so inspired by the new environment. Since then, I installed my room treatment and the room sounds even better now. Fiction Studio is open for business!

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P.S. The new Ink Bomb single is out!