Mixing Fiction at Fiction

Today, August 23, is the release day of Fiction, the new album of punk rock band Ink Bomb. Since I finished mixing the record in May I wanted to reflect on the mixing process. The album is available here.

Mixing Fiction was really easy, except when it wasn’t. This project made me realize even more that the most important part of mixing is actually the recording process. A great take, recorded with the right microphone at the right position really doesnt need that much processing. For instance, I only used a little bit of EQ on the guitars and nothing else!

Mistakes or screw-ups can always happen though: that is where mixing get’s a lot harder. For instance, On one of the songs the best take was also the microphone on the floor tom kinda fell apart. Good luck fixing that in the mix!

After the mix was done the record was send to mixing engineer Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering. I worked with Bill quite a few times now and he’s great. Not only does works extremely fast, he always to manage to shift my mixes to a more balanced and somewhat brighter tone. Working with an external mastering engineer learns you a lot about your mixes!

Looking back on writing, producing and mixing Fiction, I can say that I am extremely proud off this record. Since the record is done, studio time has become available! Contact me at info@fictionstudio.nl if you have songs that just need to be recorded!