Let's listen to some music!

Over the years I recorded, edited, arranged and mixed quite some records. I've added a more detailed (and probably incomplete)  list below but let me show you some of the highlights first.

Ink Bomb - Griefwalker

This single by Ink Bomb is the first song on the Ink Bomb record called Fiction. The studio was named after this record because I like it so much!

Viv Shortie - For All Of Us

This powerful song was written by Viv Shortie and arranged, recorded and mixed at Fiction Studio. This is one of my favourite productions!

Breekpunt - Nijmegen

This song, arranged, recorded and mixed at Fiction Studio, was released as a single and will be on the upcoming Breekpunt record. Additional bass recordings were done by Bert Callens.


Fuzzball Jr. - Candy Cane
Ink Bomb - Cease
Ink Bomb - Fiction 
Viv Shortie - EP (yet to be released)
Breekpunt - Tussentijd
Ink Bomb - Black Me Out
Viv Shortie - For All Of Us
Ink Bomb - Time After Time
Ink Bomb - Swim
Breekpunt - Nijmegen
Breekpunt - Bestaan
Ink Bomb - Nothing With You
Breekpunt - Zwarte Pakken Monopoly
Ink Bomb - Invincible Summer
Breekpunt - Aight
Nijmegen1: music and mixing for TV-pilot series
BiosAgenda: video interviews: recordings, editing and mixing
BiosAgenda: voice over recordings
BiosAgenda: stock music
Ink Bomb - Demo songs
Short film: Never Too Late, scoring
Short film: Lijkzang, additional music
Short film: Alone, scoring
Short film: Gebroken glas, scoring
Short film: Een nieuw begin, scoring
Anders Niemand - Boer, Vrouw, Koning, Aas
Anders Niemand - Cycloon
Anders Niemand - Passe Partout